This country covers 13,812 square kilometers of European land and is inhabited by 640,000 people. Thanks to its sophisticated nature and prospering economy, Montenegro has become the pearl of the Balkans and not only does it attract tourists, but also the inventors who are looking for financial security, higher life quality and mobility all in one. The government of Montenegro announced the launch of a new program to obtain citizenship in order to attract investments and it will begin to operate in October, 2018. They limited the validity of the program to three years and the number of applications for citizenship to 2,000 investors.

This country is worth your consideration as having strategic geographical location in Europe and it also has direct access to the Adriatic Sea and its Port Montenegro is the world’s finest yachting marinas.


  • Residency is gained within 3 weeks’ time and to get approval of citizenship it takes only up to 6 months.
  • An opportunity to maintain dual citizenship.
  • Visa-free access to almost 116 countries.
  • No language requirement.
  • No need to live or travel to Montenegro while the application is being processed.


  • Residency
  • Citizenship

Investment Program requirements:

  • Non-EU citizenship.
  • To be in possession of a valid foreign passport;
  • NO criminal record;
  • To provide the documents which approve the origin of invested funds.
  • To provide the concluded investment agreement. 

Investment Option

In order to be qualified for the residency and then citizenship of this country, there the following steps are to be taken:

  1. To contribute in a government fund donation, and
  2. To invest in real estate.

1.Government Fund Contribution

Under this option, applicants are required to make a donation to a form of a government fund.

Minimum Contribution ():

Main Applicant: €100,000

2.Real Estate Investment

Besides the donation mentioned above, applicants must invest in real estate projects approved by the government of the country.

There are 2 investments levels, depending on the location of the projects:

Minimum Contribution ():

  • €250,000 investment in the north of the country(an undeveloped region),


  • €450,000 investment in the south of the country (a developed region)

As the programme will only start on the 1st of October, 2018 and the number of applications is limited, i.e.2,000, please contact our office to submit a pre-enrolment request to get a guaranteed place within the quota.

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